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Cloud Prospector is web based Customer Relationship Software hosted in the cloud. API partnerships with Business Report and Pressvine gives adds functionality to do mailshots and download pre built databases.


Our exclusive affiliation with Business Report gives users access to pre populated databases meaning you can start effective marketing campaigns straight away.


Less clutter and more of the things you use means you can focus on what your CRM system was intended. Winning new business and managing customer relationships. It typically takes half the time to learn how to use Cloud Prosector than other systems.

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Cloud Prospector helps launch new franchise model

An innovative West Midlands software developer to help firms manage their PR and media communications has completed a partnership with Cloud Prospector to offer free customer relationship software to all of its franchisees. The developer also announced it...

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What people are saying...

Simply the best CRM programme on the market. Its so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before. It takes half the time to learn to use it and has all the functionality you need displayed on one page which is great. The fung Shei of CRM. Well done!

Charles Addison
Made in the Midlands

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