A selection of answers to some commonly asked questions

Which web browsers can I use Cloud Prospector in?

Cloud Prospector can be used on all modern web browsers, including, Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari and iPad.

How secure is my data?

Cloud Prospector is part of Business Report Limited a business with a thirty year pedigree. Cloud Prospector is hosted on dedicated Rackspace servers which is regarded as the number one choice for serious developers and is used by many of the UKs leading firms including confused.com and high street banks.

Can I customise any of the fields?

There are a set number of fixed fields which we feel are needed to make the system useful and additional fields you can customise.

How is the task list different to other CRM programs?

The task bar is integrated into the main CRM window, this means you can see tasks as you add them and schedule activity more quickly on the fly. The task bar also includes a weekly digest. This will email you every Friday afternoon and tell you your activities for the following week. In addition you can email your tasks on demand or sync with your favorite desktop calendar.

Can I see management reports?

Our product is squarely aimed at the SME and bigger firms that wish to use it for marketing campaigns. The complex reporting mechanisms you see on other CRM programmes confuse and reduce productivity based on our research. Don't expect a CRM system to manage your team for you, evidence suggests that large sales teams manipulate data to give a false picture of performance, a sales or marketing person should have clear KPIs based on the needs of your business. The most effective way of you monitoring this activity is offline.

How can I use Cloud Prospector to post promotional material or letters?

We are an approved Royal Mail press stream and Mail-sort customer and can handle mail shots of 100,000 packets without needing to go outside of our normal supply chain. Users are able to export the data required together with letter template and we will do the rest. Users can also send us leaflets or promotional material already produced.

How can I use Cloud Prospector to manage my PR and email marketing campaigns?

Your contacts can be exported to Pressvine and from there you will be able to send press releases and distribute e newsletters. See http://www.pressvinepro.com.

How can I use Cloud prospector with Business Report?

Business Report provides a variety of databases for sales and marketing professionals, these can be downloaded from Business Report resource area and we will send them straight to your Cloud Prospector account.

How long does it take to learn how to use Cloud Prospector?

Not long. Cloud Prospector was designed to be the most user friendly CRM system on the web. We wanted to reduce training time and have a product that doe not distract your sales focus. Its a clear concise application that delivers a powerful sales punch.

Do you offer technical support?

We offer technical support by email. We also offer periodic sales training which will include content on how to make the most of Cloud Prospector.