Get closer to knowing your next customer with Cloud Prospector

All in one place

Cloud Prospector was designed by marketeers and phycology experts to help make the sales process as efficient as possible. The prime goal was to close and increase sales. Modern phycology tells us that the conscious mind can only store seven pieces of information at one time. Much is now understood about the workings of the brain and the brains behind Cloud Prospector wanted to take that knowledge and tailor a CRM system that could fit the constraints and potential of the user rather than the other way round.

Cloud Prospector displays only the information you require and where possible we have displayed this on one page. Gone are the icons and clutter you never used and they are replaced with bold enhanced features that you need to close that all important deal.

Cloud Prospector is like having a fen shei sales expert come in and redesign your sales CRM process.

Simple to use interface

Our unique interface was tested on people with no experience of CRM systems with the aim of making it the most user friendly CRM system on the web. The design and fluid functionality makes prospecting a breeze and reduce the time you need to train staff.

Less is more

The team at Cloud Prospector after years of using applications such as ACT and Salesforce that they were getting overly complicated. In a bid to outdo the competition many of the programmes out there have simply lost touch with their initial purpose and that is to help businesses win more business and manage relationships.

In the same way that a messy desk can reduce work performance we have taken this ideal to a software application and ruthlessly focussed on the core needs of a CRM programme and made those aspects something special. Users of Cloud Prospector concentrates on the important areas of your business.

Killer apps

Cloud Prospector has a unique advantage over the competition with its killer app integration. We have an exclusive deal with Pressvine the UK's leading PR and newsletter distribution service and Business Report a major online newspaper and data distribution company.

Cloud Prospector is also an approved distributor for Royal Mail. Users of Cloud Prospector through 'Mail-it!' are able to post letters or promotional material to contact lists they have built. We even pass on discounts off the Royal Mail standard tariffs, giving you a really slick marketing route. Mail-it saves you time and money.