Reasons why your accountant will love Cloud Prospector

Remote working

Improved Productivity - Cloud Prospector works on any computer and can free your team to become more productive. Working form home, remotely in the field in-between meetings or even logging onto their iphone to look up a contact between meetings are possible with Cloud Prospector.

Energy savings

Because Cloud Prospector is hosted in the cloud you do not need a dedicated server and if you chose could even use low energy laptops or dumb terminals. This could reduce your energy bills more than the cost of the software. Talk to us to learn how this works.

Pay monthly

Cloud Prospector does not charge any large license fees up front. The price is paid monthly to give you a predictable way of budgeting. This help with cash-flow.

More customers

And finally Cloud Prospector will brighten up your day, this is an app that been built by some of the best sales people in the business with the single aim of increasing sales and growing your bottom line.